The DR.PAPA™ Collection was developed to enhance the pleasures of lovemaking. If you are not totally satisfied with any one of our products, we will be pleased to replace it or exchange it for an equal value item.
All of our products that can be applied on genitals are latex-safe.
Yes, DR.PAPA™ products may be used to supplement personal moisture as needed.
To maximize your pleasure! DR.PAPA™ products may be used by both partners to enhance all types of play. A small drop of the DR.PAPA’s™ Silky Lube added to the inside of the condom tip before unrolling is said to enhance sensation for the wearer. A liberal amount applied to outside of the condom after unrolling eases the friction and irritation associated with intercourse allowing your intimate experiences to last longer. Add a little spice to your love life and see why everything is better with DR.PAPA™!
While all our products are made with the finest quality ingredients (food and medical grade), we always recommend that users carefully read the list of ingredients and test a small quantity of a product on their skin prior to application. Certain users can be more sensitive than others.
We can ensure that none of our products have come into contact with nuts or peanuts as no nuts of any kind are processed in our installations.
On every DR.PAPA™ packaging, you will see what is called the PAO symbol with a number of months that can be found right next to the UPC code located under the product.