"Passion is a game, play it.
Passion is a challenge, meet it.
Passion is sacred, relish it.”

- Dr. Papa™

Dr. Papa was born into a respected Ojibwa clan on the sprawling wheat fields of the Canadian prairies. He grew up hunting with a bow & arrow, fishing with a spear, and soaking in the ancient traditions of his people. Traditions rooted in preserving the sacred.

One night, under the star-speckled Manitoba sky, a young Papa fell in love with a beautiful woman named Little Feather. Her hair as black as a raven’s wings, her skin as golden as maple syrup. Their connection was electric, like a strike of lighting to the heart. When they were together, their fingers intertwined like roots winding through the earth. When they were apart, their souls cried out to the heavens. It was a sacred, passionate love that left each other burning for desire.

Winter that year came in early and it in came fierce. A thin layer of ice enveloped the entire land and thus crops were spoiled before harvest. With little to no food to feed the clan over those long winter months, many fell ill. And despite Papa’s best efforts, Little Feather was lost.
Upon her death, Papa retreated into a traditional Ojibwa lodge and spent five days and five nights healing the pieces of his broken heart. He lined the walls with dreamcatchers to ward off negative spirits while the memories of this passionate love flowed through the catchers, down the feathers and to the very centre of his being. At the end of the five days, he exited the lodge with a purpose.

Today, DR.PAPA™ is a highly-regarded shaman within the Canadian aboriginal community. Using his people’s sacred formulas and natural ingredients, he’s created an incredible line of products to ignite an electric connection between lovers. Let your sacred passion flow through the dreamcatcher, down the feathers and into your heart. Passion is sacred, relish it, with a little help from Dr. Papa magical love potions.